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        LED light bar

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          LED has been experiencing increasing popularity as a light source for many people. This is because LED is incredibly energy efficient and versatile. LED lights also have a high output of light and last a very long time.

          From the time light bars started as improvised units atop emergency vehicles, it has caught the fancy of both manufacturers and consumers that the market is today flooded with light bars of endless varieties. Besides use in emergency vehicles, light bars find use in lighting in theaters, sports grounds, parks, gardens, display cases, cabinets, and bathrooms.

          Over the years, the number of lights in light bars, its size, the color combinations it offers, and its flashing options have changed substantially. The light sources used in light bars have also undergone a lot of modification. Incandescent bulbs and strobe flashing have been used in earlier models whereas LED lights are being used more and more in light bars these days. There are several reasons for LED lights becoming increasingly popular for use in light bars.   

          LED or light emitting diodes are a light source where light is produced by a process known as electroluminescence. In this process, when electricity is passed through what is known as a semiconductor material, electrons recombine with points known as 'holes' which are places where electrons do not exist. The process produces light, and the energy gap where electrons do not exist, decides the color of the light. This light producing phenomenon has been found to be extremely useful for various lighting purposes, including that of use in light bars.   

          First of all, LED is better than other sources of light in that by this process lights of a high level of brightness can be produced unlike the more commonly used fluorescent and incandescent lights. Further, with LED, besides the spectrum of light visible to the naked eye, infrared and ultraviolet lights can also be generated. This generation of lights of different wavelengths becomes a great aid while used in light bars or in any other type of lights to aid night vision or to highlight certain objects.  

          The LED light bar comes in a variety of beam styles. The euro beam is used when you want a strong beam. For a narrow yet intense beam there is the pencil beam style. A cornering beam is used for when the vehicle in which the light bar is housed is turning. A flood beam is useful in foggy weather. You can even find some light bars now with an auto-dimming function. In essence, this LED light bar contains a sensor which detects the light levels outside and then adjusts the output of light as needed.  

          LED light bulbs are typically very tiny so that in the beginning it found application only in minute single point lights used in instrument panels, watches etc. Later LED bulbs were clustered to form larger units usable in light bars and other larger lighting applications. This type of formation of LED lights makes it highly resistant to vibration damage and impacts, and thereby suitable for use in light bars on vehicles that have to be negotiated through rough roads or have to be subjected to extra speed driving.  

          In an incandescent bulb, current is passed through a thin metallic filament inside a bulb filled with an inert gas. The filament glows when the current is passed through it and the reflector inside the bulb disperses the light in the desired angle. Where a light thus generated would require 8 to 10 amp of current for the output of a specific amount of light, the same amount of light output will be managed with 2 to 3 amp of current by the clustered LED bulbs. This power efficiency also makes it an ideal choice for LED lights for use in light bars.  

          The LED light bar can be mounted in several different ways. It can be attached to the vehicle with a magnetic mounting. Suction cups, adhesive straps, or L brackets can also be used to mount the light bar. You can also find tubing mounts, as well as roll cage ones to serve your light bar mounting needs. Some mounts even have additional color or material options. Temporary mounts may be beneficial as your mounting of choice because they allow you to store a few types of mounts in your vehicle and then you can mount your light bar on different parts of the vehicle as necessary. You can also convert your temporary mount into a permanent one with a kit in the event you need to affix your LED light bar permanently to your vehicle.  

          Except the fact that LED lights are a bit expensive, all other characteristics of it are perfectly suited for use in light bars.

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