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        What will auto led light up the car industry’s future

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          The latest technology that is changing the face of cars is the LED.  

          LED, which are smaller, brighter and can be configured together are gradually replacing conventional incandescent and halogen bulbs.  

          Car led bulb the way in terms of LED use. Currently it makes more use of the technology than any manufacturer, using the lights to create a unique look for the front and rear of its cars. The A1, A4, A5, and R8 all have LED running lights making them stand out.  

          The rest of the car industry is following suit. Many recent concept cars have used LED to add visual interest, suggesting that we can expect to see their use on cars other than Audis soon.

          car led bulb though more expensive, are used because they illuminate quickly. This means they are particularly safe when used for auto led bulb . Vehicle designers like them because they offer greater design flexibility. As the bulbs are much smaller, they take up less space, meaning that they are more versatile allowing designers the opportunity to create lighting “shapes.”  

          LED also tend to last longer and use less power than conventional bulbs, which is makes them better for the environment.

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