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        LED car headlights production requirements

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          According to the standard, optical design for light shape requirements, including LED brightness, beam profile, the beam angle.

          LED car headlights can be energy-efficient and small size, but its narrow beam angle, heat treatment high requirements, so the led lights used for car need to deal with special attention. The other is for LED heat processing, if the cooling is not good, not only affects the life of the LED, but also causes the LED light decline occurs in the light-emitting devices. This year, under the major efforts of LED lights manufacturer, LED lights are all aspects matures, more and more are used by car manufacturers.

          LED light quality control and calibration during production. For automotive lamp, compared to the headlights, signal lights requirements are relatively simple. But the main problem is to solve the uniformity of LED light, that is how to make a uniform distribution light. LED thermal problems and solutions, which are also LED manufacturers need to pay attention to.

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