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        Why Choose Perfect Automotive lights?

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        1. Perfect power wire:The wire is soft silicone with tin-coated power cord, which has an excellent resistance to high and low temperature, it’s strong and not easy to oxidize. The tin-coated will help customer much easier to connect.

         2.Perfect lights cover: Front cover is imported PC material, which is impact resistance, not that easy to break, high & low temperature resistance.

         3. Back cover adopts die-case aluminum, which has very good heat dissipation, makes the lights long lifetime,

        4. Lamp reflector used optical reflectivity projector lens, long reflect distance.

        5.All the LEDS are full power, higher brightness, life time can be more than 35000hours.

        6.Perfect takes Japan seal technology, waterproof can be IP68.

        7. Universal 9-30V power sources of our LED work light.

        8.Perfect will provide customer Warranty:24months, We will offer the free new lights if perfect led lights was rejected by you & your customers within warranty period

        9. What's more, the led work lights what we have offered you is more brighter than other china supplier in market!

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