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        How Do I Choose the Best LED Work Light?

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          The first thing to look at in a separate LED work light is probably the type of light it is. Consider whether you need a spotlight, afloodlight, a flashlight, or a bar light. These types of light are each valuable, but not interchangeable. Once you have found a collection of lights of the sort that you need, you can begin to narrow your LED work light choice down by other features.Thework area will be important in determining several other factors about the LED worklight you are seeking. Consider if the lightmust be waterproof, or at least water resistant. Also think about whether the heat output is an important factor. Too hot a device can be uncomfortable in some situations.

          The power of the light is likely to be near the top of the list. If your work requires a high intensity light, nothing else will do. In addition, the size of the device producing the light can be critical: in certain work situations there is only so much room. The method for keeping the LED work light in position is another important factor. Work lights come in a variety of designs, including the flashlight model which has to be held or laid on its side, the bar light with a hook on one end, the light attached to a stand, the lamp on a tripod, the light on a pedestal mount, and the lamp on a gooseneck.

          The power for the LED work light is another important consideration. If it runs off batteries, it is important to know the burn time and the recharge time. The way or ways available to charge the light might influence your decision. Other features that you may find include drop-resistance, overcharge protection, rotation and tilt of the light housing, and multiple LEDs.

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